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Template base Account

Transactional Route (Template Based) 

Template Based AccountIn a Template Based Account the transactional templates are white listed for the particular account and the message can be sent to DND as well as Non DND numbers. There is a fixed portion in the template and a veriable portion, the fixed portion remains unchanged where as the variable portion can be changed from time to time example of a transational template

Sample SMS Templates
Dear %VAL% Your account #val# has been credited with %VAL% on %VAL%. Your current account balance is %VAL%

You can replace the %VAL% with your own contents while sending SMS, please remember if you change the structure of the template SMS will not processed.

•SIX character Sender ID
•24/7 messaging Service
•Ultra high Priorty route
•Delivery on DND and Non DND
•HTTP API Available

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how can i replace the %val% with my own content. i have list of customers i want to replace the %val% by their name automatically


How can I identify template name in url
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