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Why should you use Bulk SMS for your business promotions?

There have been some questions from few new customers about using SMS service for their business. The question is

When there are many mediums of Promoting our business, why should we use Bulk SMS?


Bulk sms has following advantages over other mediums of promotions that will make it unique and convenient way of promotion


1) Geographical based promotion

With Bulk SMs you can choose particular geographical area, where you actual need to promote your business. Weather a town, district, city, or an area in a city, state, country even worldwide.

2) Profile based targeting

Depending on the nature of the product, you can choose targeted audience based on their profiles and you can directly send sms to them so that the wastage of costs will be reduced. for example you want to sell car insurance you can send sms directly to cars owners instead of spending your money on hoardings or paper advertisements.

3) Affordable method:

SMS Marketing fits to your budget. It can be very small or very large, it is very cheaper comparing to other advertising mediums such as television ads, news paper ads, hoarding etc

4) More effective:

Hence SMS drags the personal attention of the customer, it is considered to be more effective medium. Receiver of the message will be able to view it in his convenient time, where as Television ads, FM ads, Hoardings do not have.

5) Evaluate the performance:

Every SMS campaign can be evaluated in terms of performance. You would easily know the return on your investment for SMS promotion.  Depending on the rate of your return you will be able to decide on budget for same.

6) Result Oriented:

Unlike other mediums of promotion, your campaigns always carry results instantly. It will have immediate impact and your customers will respond immediately.


Apart from above advantages Bulk SMS has many benefits. You may go through them by Clicking Here 


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I would like to know rates to send sms to Malaysia thank you



Eddison Dorai

We are Service Provide Only in INDIA

how to send sms using php 

i want url .thanku 

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